Thursday, May 7, 2009

34 weeks and counting!

Yesterday I had my weekly doctor's appointment where we got to take a peek at what Addie looks like with the 4D Ultrasound. I can't believe how much she's changed!! Into a "real" baby!! The orangish picture is what I'm talking about. For those of you who are not sure what you're looking at, step back from the screen. It's Addie's face with her arms/hands right in front of her face. That's how her daddy and I sleep, so I have a feeling she'll be that way too! She always has her hands in front of her face. Well, my doctor had to go do an emergency C-section, but I decided I wanted to wait on him, rather than see a nurse practitioner. I have had TONS of contractions lately, some lots bigger than the others. I knew the nurses from Healthy Connections, the place where I send my monitoring strips daily, were calling my doctor to give him an update on me. I wanted to talk to Dr. Baker, rather than someone else. Anyways....we waited for about an hour until he came back. Hey, I had nothing better to do. I'm on bedrest, remember! When we finally got to see him, he said that I', 1 1/2 cm dilated and still 60% effaced. So, not much changes, even after all of the contractions!! He went ahead and upped my medicine to a continuous/automatic dose, meaning that I will constantly be getting meds in my system to try to slow/stop the contractions. Other than that though, things looked good. He plans to take me off of my pump in 2 weeks, when I'm 36 weeks. I'm hoping I'll have her soon after that. I told Paul that I plan to be getting up more, going up and down the stairs, telling her to get out of me!! :) Addison weighed approximately 5 lbs, 15oz already, so she's gonna be a big baby!! I've calculated that she has gained about half a pound a week, so if she comes at 36 weeks, she'll be around 7 pounds. I can handle that! Oh, the other pictures that I'm including are one showing that she has hair. It's kind of hard to see, but her hair is the little white lines that the arrows are pointing to. The other picture is her profile. Hope you guys enjoy.
And, yes, I'm surviving on bedrest. Luckily, I kind of have a schedule as to when my friends/family is going to drop by. My days this week are full of people!! This is super exciting for me! Hopefully I don't have much longer on bedrest. Two weeks may sound short, but it's incredibly long for someone who has to lay there all day!!
Again, thanks to everyone who has been helping out around here, whether it be to just come keep me company, bring food, or both!! It's truly appreciated!

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  1. Those pics are precious. Thanks for sharing. It sounds like things are going smooth as possible right now. Before you know it the pump will be out and you will have a perfect baby girl!!!