Sunday, May 17, 2009

When it rains, it pours!!

Paul and I were finally enjoying being home from the hospital when Friday night came. My dad and Teresa came over to bring us dinner. Everything was going great.
When Paul got home, he thought it was really hot in the house. Keep in mind, I didn't notice this because I'm hot all day long! Anyways, our air conditioner was going out!! Of course, it was Friday night and we doubted anyone would come out to help us on the weekends. We have a home warranty, so we have to go through them, not just find a technician on our own. Well, Paul called it in as soon as he got home. I really wanted to head over to my mom's house (in the A/C), so that the heat wouldn't put me into labor. Paul felt that we could tough it out for the night, as he turned on some fans, moved our bed into the living room, and opened the windows. I was hot at first, but have to admit that I actually got cold in the middle of the night. Well, the next morning, we got a confirmation email. Paul called and no one would be able to be out before Monday, since it was the weekend. SOOOOO....I got on the phone and told them I really didn't want to go into labor because I got too hot. They graciously found a contractor that would come out on a Saturday. Around 2:00, the technician finally came out to see that our compressor was out. Again, because it's the weekend, they can't order the parts. So, we headed on over to mom's.
It's Sunday evening and here we sit at mom's house. My contractions are still happening and really get worse at night. Last night was really rough. I thought that by morning, we'd be at the such luck. Hopefully we hear something soon about our A/C. Until then, we'll be at mom's in the cool air. We are very lucky that mom lives so close to us (and to the hospital, just in case something happens!)

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