Thursday, May 14, 2009

Hospital...Round 2

Well, yesterday I had my regularly scheduled doctor's appointment. Everything was going well. I'm dilated to 2cm and still just about 60% effaced..Dr. Baker was going to take me off of the terbutaline pump on Sunday night!! YEAH!! he was leaving the room, Janet (Paul's mom) reminded me to tell him about an incident that happened a week from this past Sunday. Mom, Kristen, Sean, and Paul were hanging around in the pool and I went outside to lay on a lounge chair to visit with them. I had a fan blowing on me so I wouldn't get too hot. WELL....I lost peripheral vision in my left eye for about 10-15 minutes. It really scared me, but I figured I just got too hot. So, I went inside, and didn't think too much about it again. Anyways, I mentioned that to Dr. Baker yesterday. He seemed really concerned and called the specialist I'd seen before, Dr. Kirshan. They decided I needed to see a neurologist, Dr. Lindsey, and it needed to happen that day. He also ordered a full ultrasound with lots of measurements again. The ultrasound looked okay. According to this ultrasound, Addison weighs around 6 lbs, 8 oz!!! She's getting so big! Anyways, the nurse came back to me and said "Dr. Baker said head on over to Labor and Delivery...FUN FUN!
So, I went to the triage, where they hooked me up to monitors again. They decided that they were going to do an MRI/MRA of my brain, head, and neck to check for small strokes or blood clots. Dr. Lindsey was going to come over, but didn't. Dr. Baker did come over and I told him that my legs were hurting. He went ahead and ordered an ultrasound of my legs to make sure everything was okay there. Then, around 8:00, I finally went to do the MRI.
I had never had one before!! It was crazy!! Lots of loud noises and you have to lay absolutely still for about an hour. We should be getting the results today. I was able to get off the terbutaline pump, so I'm hooked up to the monitors to see how my contractions go. They're still happening.
So, it's 10:30 am on Thursday morning. We're waiting on the doctors to get here to give me the results. Paul spent the night here with me. The rooms here are huge!! It actually feels like we're in a hotel with room service!! :)
Once we hear something, I'll post the results. As of right now, please keep us in your prayers!


  1. How was Ciri!?! Hope everything goes well~ Keep me updated

  2. Ciri was great...though, it was nighttime when we saw the majority of her...We slept through most of her shift!