Thursday, June 30, 2011


So far, we haven't done too much this summer---July will get busy though!

For Spring Break, mom, Kristen, and I went to Las Vegas. We had a really good time, though I had just found out that I was pregnant. So, I couldn't really go into the smoky casinos and the walking took quite a toll on me. All in all though, we had a great time. We saw several shows---The Terry Fator show and Beatles Love (Cirque de Soleil). And we toured the Grand Canyon. I have to say, I really missed Addison and Paul, but enjoyed the time away too!

Now that summer is here, we rented a friends' beach house in Galveston and had a great time over Father's day weekend. It was a nice relaxing time. At the beach, Paul dug a hole in the sand for me to put my belly...I haven't been able to lay on my stomach for so long. It felt great! Addison was able to drive "Uncle Gene's" boat and really had a blast with that! She is growing up so fast!!

Our next trip will be next weekend on our annual New Braunfels trip that we always look forward to. The only downer for me is that I'm not able to get into the water. With me being diagnosed with a low placenta, my doctor doesn't want to take the risk of me getting an infection from the water. Sooooo...daddy will have to be the one to take Addison into the water. I'm hoping I can still get in the baby area at Schlitterbahn with her though!!! It's chlorine water!

We will be taking a second trip to New Braunfels on the Guadalupe river to weeks later. Hopefully I'll be able to get into the water at that time!! Wish me luck!

LOTS have been going on!!

Wow, I haven't written in such a long time. I have LOTS to update on!!

First, we are pregnant!! Actually, I am 25 weeks along today....yes, I know...I should have blogged before!! We have been so busy! SORRY!! Anyways, we are pregnant with another little girl. We have not picked out a name yet, so she's just Baby Salsgiver. We are tossing around a few names, but haven't settled on anything yet. I am doing well with this pregnancy. Just tired a lot, but I think that comes with having a 2 year old, pregnant or not! As of now, I have a low placenta, so that is really our only concern. I just have to take it easy, as to make sure not to rupture anything! I am due anywhere between October 9-12, as of right now. We don't have a due date, as we got pregnant unexpectedly---I just had a D&C!!!

Second, on June 5th, Addison turned TWO!! She's such a big girl now!! I am in amazement daily, as she is constantly doing or saying something new! We had a birthday party for her with some family and friends. Our menu was the same as last year--brisket, beans, potato salad, tomatoes, and chips. Gramps supplied the brisket and beans, which were heaven! We ordered an Elmo cake from Sam's, which Addison loved. We played in the pool for awhile, and then opened gifts. It was a really fun day!

As I have said, Addison continues to amaze us daily. She is doing a lot of talking, or at least trying to say lots of things. We moved her to a "big girl room", as we will need her room and crib for the baby. I got many different ideas on how to do this, and decided to go with the way my babysitter told us to do it. We put a child lock on the inside of the door and put her to bed. We were told not to go in to her room for any reason. The first night was rough, as she found out how to turn on the lamp next to her bed. After an hour of crying and Paul going in her room to take out the light, Addison went to sleep. The next night took about 20 minutes of crying, then next was about 5 minutes, and then it continued to dwindle down. Now, she kisses us goodnight and lays down in bed. She's doing great! Her new bedroom is decorated in multi-colored dots. It's really cute!

I am home for the summer, but am still sending Addison to Rosie's twice a week---mainly because I have workshops or something to do, but sometimes, it's to just have a day to myself. At the end of this school year, my principal shocked me with some news. (We were all worried about having a job, period, so any other news was shocking!) I learned that I am being moved to be a 2nd grade teacher next year, teaching all subjects. I am still freaking out about this!! I've only ever taught older children, and only math and science! I have NO CLUE about language arts!! I'm SUPER nervous about this and can only hope I'll do an okay job. Being due in October makes me nervous about the job situation too. Unfortunately, I've done a lot of questioning of myself and my abilities. Needless to say, I have not really been able to relax much this summer. I'm trying though!

I'll cut this blog short and try to write another one, as I still have lots to write on!!