Monday, September 26, 2011

Is this it???

I thought Saturday was the day that Aubrey was coming!! That morning, Paul got up and went to his mom's house to help with some things around the house, so I was in charge of Addison for the morning. She was really good--we played a lot and then I started to really feel bad. My stomach was kinda crampy and I was having more pain and pressure. I tried to take a bath to relax, but that didn't help. I couldn't wait for Paul to get home, as I was worried I wasn't going to be able to take care of Addison by myself. He brought home lunch, which is when my pain got HORRIBLE!

My lower left back was on fire and Aubrey seemed to be fighting her way out. I had MAJOR pain and pressure. So bad, that I started to cry. Addison was worried about me, as well as Paul. I kept having to use the restroom every 10 minutes or so. When I was on my way back to the couch, the pain of walking was just too much. I knelt down next to the couch, where Paul rubbed my back, while I cried. Addison kept giving me hugs and even told me "No more crying today Mommy. Okay?" I told her okay, as I think it might have scared her. Luckily, she went into the front room and fell asleep while watching a movie. The pain got even worse!! I was sobbing! Paul had me call the doctor that was on call. Of course, I had to leave a message and wait at least an hour for them to call me back. Paul was ready to watch the A&M-OSU game on tv, so he jokingly (but halfway serious) kept saying "You can't go into labor until after the game." At this point, I was NOT in the mood for his humor or sarcasm. I think this made me cry more!
Finally, the pain started to cease.
My mom and sister were in Ft. Worth at a wedding. During this all, I texted them, just giving them the heads up that I may be headed to the hospital. They kept calling or texting to check on me.
After an hour and a half, the doctor on call, Dr. Norton, called back. She asked if I was bleeding. I told her no and that the pain had subsided some. She told me that if it came back, I needed to go to L&D, otherwise, I was okay. I told Paul that I was glad that she wasn't my doctor, as she seemed very rushed and not too concerned about me.
Luckily, within the next hour, the pain had stopped and all of a sudden I felt great! I felt really good for the rest of the evening. Paul and I took Addison for a nice walk in the wagon. I was hoping the walking would help in some progression, too! No such luck! Yesterday, I felt good too. I even went to the grocery story by myself to try to get moving. (Paul has been going since I was on bedrest.) In the evening, my mom came by to play with Addison. We went on another walk. I guess the walking isn't helping much.
My back is slightly bruised and very sore where I had the pain the other day. I wondered if Aubrey was turning over, or doing something crazy in there! I guess we'll see at my next appointment (on Wednesday), as to whether or not I have progressed more!
I can't believe we're finally here, at the end of my pregnancy! I have one week and a day until I get to meet Ms. Aubrey, if she doesn't come sooner! This Wednesday is my last doctor's appointment, ultrasound, and non-stress test, as next week I'll be in the hospital having her!! This pregnancy has truly flown by, even though I know I have been counting down the days!

Friday, September 23, 2011

No Such Luck!

Paul took off of work on Friday to take me back to Dr. Baker's office. I couldn't get to sleep the night before, at the thought of possibly being taken in to have a C-section the next day. Guess I was a little anxious. Well, I was put on the monitors and not much action was happening. We went back to see Dr. Baker who said that there were basically no changes. I was a little bummed...I'm so ready to meet this little girl. I tried to make the best of it though, and realized now I have more time on my hands to get this house in the order that I want it in. After our appointment, Paul and I ate at PF Changs, then went to Babies R Us, Lowe's and Sam's. I was pooped afterwards! I had done a lot of walking. (I was pooped, though I thought it might help in my progression!)
That weekend, Dad came over and we made some really yummy fried shrimp!
This past weekend and week, I've felt REALLY good! I got TONS of cleaning done and am now officially ready to have this baby!
Several of my girlfriends came by to have our Girls' Dinner...they brought gifts! Aubrey now has her own clothes---not hand-me-downs from Addison. Teresa also supplied us with diapers, wipes, and detergent. Laurie got us some really cute outfits! I was pumped!
The next morning was my doctor's appointment. Again, no changes. Aubrey weighs about 6 lbs, 10 oz, so I think she's going to be smaller than Addison! I'm sure it helps that I'm diabetic this time and have to watch what I eat! I'm dying for a piece of chocolate cake right now, by the way!!
Well, Thursday and Friday haven't gone as well as the rest of the week. I'm not feeling so hot. Not really sure how to pinpoint what exactly is wrong, just feeling yucky. Plus, I'm super emotional lately, so that isn't helping! I'm hoping to be in better spirits for the weekend! My mom and sister are going to Ft. Worth for a wedding and are sure I'm going to go into labor. I doubt it, but told them to go, with the hopes that maybe something will happen!! (Remember, my mom was in New Braunfels when my water broke with Addison!) I'm finishing out 37 weeks this week. Still hoping to have a September baby!!! I've got a week left to meet this goal. Otherwise, we'll be meeting the Little Miss on October 4th! 10-4, over and out!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Well, I went to the Dr today and it looks like he's starting to get concerned. I am dilated to 2.5 and my placenta is still really low. He put me on the monitors. I was not having contractions, but lots of irritability. He is worried that I may start to bleed because of the low placenta. So, he wants to see me and put me on the monitors again on Friday. (Today is Wednesday.) He told me not to eat anything after midnight on Thursday, just in case. So, I may have a baby as early as Friday!!! Wow! I guess me getting off of bedrest really did do something! I'm not holding my breath though....I know if I count on it, it won't happen. Just going to continue trying to clean/organize some of our stuff! Yep, I guess I'm nesting!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


I've been updating on my pregnancy more than I have on Addison lately, so here are a few of her updates.

Most days, she seems excited about Aubrey coming into this world. Yesterday, I put the mobile back on crib. When she saw it, she started jumping up and down, screaming "Yeah Aubrey!!"
Some days, though, she doesn't want to even talk about her baby sister. I think it's all getting really real to her.

Addison is hitting her "terrible two's" for sure.....she's sweet and innocent one minute, then having to get a spanking or sit in the corner (or both) the next minute. I'm finally off of bedrest and am trying to spend some time with her. Unfortunately, she is spending more time with the corner!! The other day at the babysitter's, she laid on top of another kid, shoving her head into the ground and went to time out. What do you know, but when she got out of timeout, she did the exact same thing!! Back to timeout!!

Luckily, this week, she has been really good!! Wanting me to spend all of my time with her again, which I am appreciating, as I had so much time without her.

She is definitely a TV/Movie addict. Her most favorite movies now are Ice Age 1 and 2, and Toy Story 1,2, and 3. That girl would sit in front of the TV all day if I would let her! Some days, she wants me to sit with her, other days, she's totally content, watching it all on her own!

Addison is definitely into her "babies". She sleeps with about 5 different dolls/toys each night.

She is still doing great in her Big Girl room, though she has got me fooled....A couple of weeks ago, she was crying a lot, and I assumed her teeth were coming in and hurting her. I found some chewable children's ibuprofen, which is so much easier than using a syringe! Well, every night before bed, she asks for "medicine". After a couple of days, I finally caught on, that she just liked the medicine, not really needing it. Now I tell her that we are out of it, and will need to go to the store. Would you believe that she actually got out of bed and searched my bedroom and bathroom until she found them!?!?! Now they are hidden way up high!! I can barely reach them!

Last night, Paul put up some more decorations in her room while I was downstairs. Before she went to bed last night, she had to show me all of the new changes. She was really cute, telling me to look here and look there!

Addison is really talking a lot, and in lots of sentences. She is loving to play with bubbles and wants to play with them both inside and outside. Luckily, it's starting to get cooler outside so that we can enjoy being outside.

Hmmmmm....I'm sure there are tons of other things to report, but I can't really think of much right now. She is just a social butterfly and into everything!

Big Girl!

Well, Paul's mom took me to the doctor last week. Actually, I had two appointments--one with the specialist and one with my regular doctor. At the specialist, we saw Dr. Hare, who I had never seen before. My appointment was at 10:40am. She told me that Aubrey weighs about 6 lbs, 5oz already!!! I couldn't believe it! She said that she has a big head, too. GREAT!!! Everything else looked really good though. I was having some lower pain and pressure that morning, but she said it was just the fact that Aubrey is pushing right on my cervix.
After the appointment, I was to go see Dr. Baker at 1:30. If the specialist didn't do an ultrasound, I was to go back at 12:30 to do that first. Janet and I went to Olive Garden for lunch to buy some time, but my pain and pressure got worse and worse. We ended up going to Dr. Baker's around noon. They did the ultrasound. This ultrasound girl said that Aubrey was about 5 lbs, 14oz. Not that much of a difference, but it seemed like a lot to me! They also hooked me up to the monitors, to see that I was not having contractions (which I already knew.) Afterwards, I saw Dr. Baker and was sure that I was dilating some more or something! Nope!!! Everything was the same. Still dilated to only 1 or 1 1/2. No change.
I was/am having lots of burning, which I thought was a bladder infection. They checked for that--nothing. Dr. Baker thought it was a yeast infection, so he gave me some medicine. OH MY GOSH!!! That medicine burned me SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO bad!!! It ends up that I believe my vulvodynia is back. I was diagnosed with that over a year ago. Basically, my skin is SUPER sensitive and I need nerve medicine. Unfortunately, I can't take the oral meds until after Aubrey is born. I am able to use the cream, hoping it will help.
I go back to Dr. Baker today. I'm 36 weeks now. Oh, last week, Dr. Baker set my date for my c-section. It will be October 4th at 12:30. We're all hoping she'll be coming before then though!
Yesterday, I worked on both of the girls' rooms quite a bit of the day, hoping to be on my feet more. I never realized how cluttered my house is!! I'm off to go start cleaning again!! Wish me luck at my appointment today!

My Dancing Queen

Here are a few pictures from Brittany's wedding reception. Addison was quite the Belle of the Ball. She's so light on her feet!! Yes, I included a picture of me in my lawnchair at the wedding so everyone could see I was still on bedrest!

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Our Latest Updates

Not too much has gone on here at the Salsgiver household. I'm still on bedrest. I went to the doctor yesterday, as I am going weekly now. I am 34 weeks, and really starting the countdown!!

Last week at my doctor's appointment, I informed him that I had some really hard contractions the night before and that morning I was having a lot of pain and pressure. Well, I always have contractions, but these hard ones were actually doing something. I found out I was dilated to 1.5. My cervix length was 2.1 and the baby weighed 4 lbs 8oz. This was smaller than I expected, as she was something similar to that weight 2 weeks before. I also addressed that I wasn't gaining any weight. Dr. Baker was not concerned, as the baby was gaining weight, so that was all he cared about. Soooo....because of the dilation, my questions about getting off bedrest early were all null and void. He sent me over to the triage for another dose of terbutaline to stop the irritability/contractions that caused the dilation. I went home that night.

This week, I didn't have an ultrasound, just a doctor's visit. I haven't had the hard contractions which is good. Since last Thursday though, I have had lots of burning. I was pretty convinced that it was a bladder infection. Dr. Baker didn't think so, but went ahead and gave me medicine for a UTI and for a yeast infection....really hoping it kicks in soon! Dr. Baker did say that my cervix hasn't changed any since last week, so that was good news. He did do another FFN test to make sure the baby wasn't coming anytime soon. I'm awaiting those results.

In other news, we went to Brittany Simmons' wedding reception this weekend. I know, you are thinking, "What? She got off bedrest?" Actually, no. We took a lawnchair and I had it all set up there at the reception so I could still recline. Very silly, I know...I felt stupid at first, then realized I knew most of the people at the reception who were all very entertained with the idea! Addison was the dancing fool!! This was her first real wedding, as last year she went to Leslie's, but she had just learned to walk. Addison danced with Daddy, Grandma, Aunt Kristen, Aunt Donna, but especially her friend, Jace. They were the hottest couple on the dance floor!! Pictures are to follow! Needless to say, she had a great time. I think she was asleep before we left the parking lot!

Oh!! One other big piece of news!!! Our little one finally has a name!! Her name will be Aubrey Elaine. The Elaine part comes from my sister, Kristen Elaine. She was very honored that Aubrey will be named after her! We went through many names, but Paul wasn't sure about any of them. He totally shocked me on Monday when he texted and said that he liked the name and that we should pick it. Woohoo!! So, we'll have Addison and Aubrey. I got my two "A" names like I wanted.

I've decided that this will definitely be our last pregnancy! I know, I am at the end of my pregnancy, and everyone thinks this way....well....I'm for real! I'm done with bedrest, gestational diabetes, and all of the other "fun" stuff that comes with pregnancy. It still breaks my heart that I am not able to play with/help Addison as much as I want to. Can't wait to lift her again!!