Tuesday, September 13, 2011


I've been updating on my pregnancy more than I have on Addison lately, so here are a few of her updates.

Most days, she seems excited about Aubrey coming into this world. Yesterday, I put the mobile back on crib. When she saw it, she started jumping up and down, screaming "Yeah Aubrey!!"
Some days, though, she doesn't want to even talk about her baby sister. I think it's all getting really real to her.

Addison is hitting her "terrible two's" for sure.....she's sweet and innocent one minute, then having to get a spanking or sit in the corner (or both) the next minute. I'm finally off of bedrest and am trying to spend some time with her. Unfortunately, she is spending more time with the corner!! The other day at the babysitter's, she laid on top of another kid, shoving her head into the ground and went to time out. What do you know, but when she got out of timeout, she did the exact same thing!! Back to timeout!!

Luckily, this week, she has been really good!! Wanting me to spend all of my time with her again, which I am appreciating, as I had so much time without her.

She is definitely a TV/Movie addict. Her most favorite movies now are Ice Age 1 and 2, and Toy Story 1,2, and 3. That girl would sit in front of the TV all day if I would let her! Some days, she wants me to sit with her, other days, she's totally content, watching it all on her own!

Addison is definitely into her "babies". She sleeps with about 5 different dolls/toys each night.

She is still doing great in her Big Girl room, though she has got me fooled....A couple of weeks ago, she was crying a lot, and I assumed her teeth were coming in and hurting her. I found some chewable children's ibuprofen, which is so much easier than using a syringe! Well, every night before bed, she asks for "medicine". After a couple of days, I finally caught on, that she just liked the medicine, not really needing it. Now I tell her that we are out of it, and will need to go to the store. Would you believe that she actually got out of bed and searched my bedroom and bathroom until she found them!?!?! Now they are hidden way up high!! I can barely reach them!

Last night, Paul put up some more decorations in her room while I was downstairs. Before she went to bed last night, she had to show me all of the new changes. She was really cute, telling me to look here and look there!

Addison is really talking a lot, and in lots of sentences. She is loving to play with bubbles and wants to play with them both inside and outside. Luckily, it's starting to get cooler outside so that we can enjoy being outside.

Hmmmmm....I'm sure there are tons of other things to report, but I can't really think of much right now. She is just a social butterfly and into everything!

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