Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Big Girl!

Well, Paul's mom took me to the doctor last week. Actually, I had two appointments--one with the specialist and one with my regular doctor. At the specialist, we saw Dr. Hare, who I had never seen before. My appointment was at 10:40am. She told me that Aubrey weighs about 6 lbs, 5oz already!!! I couldn't believe it! She said that she has a big head, too. GREAT!!! Everything else looked really good though. I was having some lower pain and pressure that morning, but she said it was just the fact that Aubrey is pushing right on my cervix.
After the appointment, I was to go see Dr. Baker at 1:30. If the specialist didn't do an ultrasound, I was to go back at 12:30 to do that first. Janet and I went to Olive Garden for lunch to buy some time, but my pain and pressure got worse and worse. We ended up going to Dr. Baker's around noon. They did the ultrasound. This ultrasound girl said that Aubrey was about 5 lbs, 14oz. Not that much of a difference, but it seemed like a lot to me! They also hooked me up to the monitors, to see that I was not having contractions (which I already knew.) Afterwards, I saw Dr. Baker and was sure that I was dilating some more or something! Nope!!! Everything was the same. Still dilated to only 1 or 1 1/2. No change.
I was/am having lots of burning, which I thought was a bladder infection. They checked for that--nothing. Dr. Baker thought it was a yeast infection, so he gave me some medicine. OH MY GOSH!!! That medicine burned me SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO bad!!! It ends up that I believe my vulvodynia is back. I was diagnosed with that over a year ago. Basically, my skin is SUPER sensitive and I need nerve medicine. Unfortunately, I can't take the oral meds until after Aubrey is born. I am able to use the cream, hoping it will help.
I go back to Dr. Baker today. I'm 36 weeks now. Oh, last week, Dr. Baker set my date for my c-section. It will be October 4th at 12:30. We're all hoping she'll be coming before then though!
Yesterday, I worked on both of the girls' rooms quite a bit of the day, hoping to be on my feet more. I never realized how cluttered my house is!! I'm off to go start cleaning again!! Wish me luck at my appointment today!

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