Saturday, November 28, 2009

Christmas pictures

Where does the time go?!!?!?

Gosh, it's been so long since I've updated this blog!! I'll try to remember everything that has gone on since Halloween, which was around the last time I blogged.

Hmmm...Well, Addison finally started to roll over! She was being so stubborn, refusing to do it. She hates to lay on her tummy, so rolling from her tummy to her back was totally out of the question! One day, my babysitter, Margaret, told me that she laid her on her tummy and walked out of the room to do something. When she came back, she was laying on her back!! WOOHOO!! Of course, Addison wouldn't roll over for me, but hey, that's nothing new!! Well, the next day, she rolled over three times for Margaret. This time though, I played with her while she was on the floor at Margaret's house. She rolled over and I got to see it!! I was so proud!! (My mom kept telling me not to worry, that she wouldn't go to college not knowing how to roll over! I guess she was right!) So, I can say that she was 5 months when she rolled over.

With Christmas coming, Paul and I decided to take family pictures. I searched high and low for the perfect outfit for Addison to wear for these pictures. I had already bought her Christmas dress, but at Portrait Innovations, they let you bring one change of clothes. I wanted this picture to be casual. So, mom and I went to the mall one night to find Addison the perfect outfit. Since it's only November, the Santa line at Willowbrook Mall wasn't exactly long. To be perfectly honest, there was no one who wanted to take their picture with Santa. Addison was no where near dressed to take a picture with Santa. But, mom decided that it was the perfect time and we needed to go get Addison an outfit for her Santa picture. We ran into JCPenney and got her a onesie that says "What Santa doesn't bring me, Grandma will". It was perfect. So, mom bought the outfit and we hurried into the bathroom to change Addison's clothes.

Well, let me tell you about our experience with Santa. As soon as we sat Addison down on Santa's lap, she wasn't so sure about him. She even teared up a little bit. Mom and I were trying to reassure her that everything was okay, and were even going to try to get her to laugh. Nope, we didn't have that opportunity. The lady behind the camera was so fast to snap a picture!! It's not like there were 100 people in line behind us!! In fact, there was NO ONE behind us!! So, Addison looks scared out of her mind in this picture!! Oh well, maybe next year, we'll get a good shot!

Well, I ended up finding a cute sweater with some jeans for Addison to wear in the family pictures at Target. The mall was pretty useless!

Speaking of our family pictures, we took the first set in our "holiday attire". Addison wore her Christmas dress and we tried to match her. Unfortunately, Addison wasn't really feeling good and cried through the majority of those pictures. We had to stop, feed her a bottle and try again. Still not to much avail. So, we decided to change our clothes into the casual clothes. Seeing herself in the mirror in the dressing room helped to change everything! She was a happy baby after that! I will post the pictures on another blog.

Since I'm off of work this entire week, I made a huge list of all of the things I planned to get done over the Thanksgiving break. It's Saturday and I haven't really gotten anything accomplished. I ended up having to take Addison to the doctor on Monday, where she was diagnosed with a double ear infection. Boy, has this been fun. (I hope you can sense my sarcasm!) I had to sleep on the couch with her, propped up, for two nights. She has been nothing but whiny. She wants us to stand up and hold her. Not sit down, not lay down, not put her down....just stand up and hold her. Plus, she keeps her pacifier in her mouth. Our babysitter is going to kill us! Pacifiers are only for naptimes!! Luckily, she is starting to feel some better. I'm really hoping she gets completely over this SOON!!

We also had a busy Thanksgiving. We started off the morning with the Salsgivers at around 10:30am. We left their house around 3:45 to head to Orbon's to be with my family. We stayed to watch the Aggie game and left there around 11:15pm or so...What a long day! Luckily, mom kept Addison so that I could go shopping for Black Friday.

Okay, I think we're about caught up. I'll try to be better about blogging. Addison is 25 weeks old now. Hopefully she won't be a year by the next time I blog!!

Happy Holidays to all!