Thursday, April 30, 2009

Monitors and Pumps

More news, more news...On Tuesday night, I kept waking up with more vaginal pressure and pain. I was so happy to go back to the doctor to see what was going on, as I'm seeing Dr. Baker weekly now. He checked me and I'm now 1 cm dialated and 60% effaced. I really thought that I was going to scream out cuss words as he was checking me. It felt like he was trying to grab my lungs!! It hurt soooooooooooo bad! I made it through that part though.
Then, he hooked me up to the monitors like last time. He found that I was still contracting. Figures!! I can't feel the contractions, but the vaginal pressure is probably my only way to identify the contractions. Well, since I can't feel them, Dr. Baker checked with my insurance and issued me a home monitoring system. I thought this was pretty cool. This way, I don't have to rush back into the doctor or hospital everytime I feel funky. Well, after we left the doctors office, Janita, my nurse called and said that we're going to change the plans. Since I was still having the side effects from the Terbutaline medicine, he was going to put me on a pump. I wasn't really sure what this was, but it sounded like an IV. Well, last night, a home health nurse came out to deliver the monitor and pump and showed me how to use all of it. It took her over 2 hours!! I was right, the pump is in my right leg and it's attached to a tube and a pager-sized machine that dispenses my medicine continuously into my body. I have to monitor my uterus twice a day, or more if I'd like. Then, I send the results to the home-health nurses. They call me back and talk to me about how much medicine to dispense.
After the nurse left, I was so overwhelmed. I started crying to Paul. I told him that I was just overwhelmed with all of the new changes, on top of not being able to do anything. For those of you who really know me, I'm very active. Sitting still is not an option for me. So, to have to have people do things for me while I just lay there is killing me!!
Luckily though, we've had some wonderful meals thanks to our friends and family. Paul's mom has been driving me to my doctor appointments and helping around the house. I think I've picked out Addison's "coming home" outfit, so she helped me wash that with a couple of other onesies in Dreft. Gosh, there are so many preparations for a baby!! You don't realize it all until you physically CAN'T do any of them!!
Again, thanks to everyone for all of the sweet words and prayers. I'm trying to stay as optimistic as possible. (Even though it is hard sometimes!) I go back to the doctor next Wednesday.
Oh, I forgot to say that this morning when I monitored, I had 4 contractions in 45 minutes. The nurses didn't seem too worried, which is good. I monitor between 8-11am and then again from 6-8pm at nights. More to come later on!!!!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Bed Rest Day #6

Here I am, reporting from the couch at the Salsgiver residence.....BORED!!
After going to the hospital, Dr. Baker has put be me on bedrest. So, my days have been like this...wake up in bed, have Paul help bring all of my pillows, drinks, and computer downstairs, lay on the couch all day, eat in between my bathroom breaks, look forward to Paul getting home, eat dinner, continue laying on the couch, then have Paul help me upstairs to bed....I know, I know, everyone is SOOOOOOOOOOO jealous. HAHAHA! The part that really stinks is that I'm supposed to be laying down. I can't sit up. Occasionally, I sit up for a minute, but then it's back to laying down! My hips and shoulders are killing me!
Also, I'm on Terbutaline, which is a medicine that helps to stop the contractions. It's working, but I have horrible side effects. It makes me really jittery, my heart beats ninety to nothing, I keep having hot flashes, and my chest really hurts to breathe. I called the doctor yesterday to see what could be done. He was out of the office and the doctor on call said I could get off of the medicine, since I'm going in tomorrow. I pulled myself off, but then worried my contractions would start back up, so I put myself back on it.
Last night, it stormed really bad. I woke up at 2:30 and was totally panicking about the weather!! I almost started to cry!! This medicine is obviously doing a doozy on me!! I guess I'll mention it to the doctor tomorrow.
We've had some great people come over to visit and bring food. Tonight, I'm baking the stuffed bell peppers from my cousins, Trisha and Tracy. I'm about to warm up some leftover chicken croissants for lunch! Thanks to everyone who has come by!!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Lots of changes!!

I went to the doctor on Tuesday and everything looked good. The pictures weren't great, as they didn't do any 3D pictures. We could see her little face though. She's a big baby as they said she already weighs 4 lbs 11oz.
The next day, I was scheduled to see Dr. Kirshan, the specialist, to figure out about that fainting feeling. I was going to just take half a day off of work, as my appt was not until 1:40. Well, after showering in the morning, I started to have some severe, sharp vaginal pains. I wasn't really sure what it was, so I called the 24-hour nurse line from our insurance. It didn't feel like I was having contractions, so she figured I was just having ligament pain. She told me to lay down and to call my doctor if the pains didn't stop in 30 minutes. Of course, they didn't stop! So, I called my doctor's answering service. After almost an hour of not hearing from them, they finally called me back. The pains had lessened, but I made the decision to go ahead and take the day off. Paul stayed home with me. My doctor, Dr. Baker, called and I told him my symptoms. He was glad that I was going to see Dr. Kirshan, but wanted me to swing by afterward. He also wanted Dr. Kirshan to check me to make sure that I wasn't dialated.
We went to see Dr. Kirshan, who we really liked. He also said that I was having a big baby--5 lbs, 2 oz. Anyways, he diagnosed me with hypoglycemia, meaning my blood sugars fall after eating. So, I have to eat lots more protein. I asked him to check me....I was already 0.5 cm dialated and 50% effaced. OH MY GOSH!! I couldn't believe it!! It's way too early to start dialating!! He said the baby will definitely be coming early, he just wasn't sure how early.
So, we go to Dr. Baker's office, where they do a non-stress test and hook me up to monitors. Here, they found that I was having contractions....every 4-6 minutes, lasting 45 seconds long. Again...OH MY GOSH!! Actually, other words came out of our mouths!! I couldn't feel anything, so I wasn't sure how this was happening. Dr. Baker looked at me and said "You'll be on bedrest, and you know you're done with work, right?" Then, he said, "Let's head over to Labor and Delivery!" Our heads were spinning!!!
So, we head over to the hospital where they hook me up to more monitors and start giving me shots every twenty minutes. They said the shots would make me feel like I had just drank tons of coffee...Boy were they right! I started to shake after the second shot, and my heart felt like it was going to beat out of my chest--so hard and fast!! The nurse also gave me a steroid shot that will help with Addison's lungs, just in case she does come early. Then, more shots...I was shaking hysterically which was absolutely no fun!! Dr. Baker came in to see me and said I'd be going home that night, but he wanted to see me the next day around 5 pm to do a fibronectin (or something like that) test. From what I'd remembered from "Pregnancy for Dummies", this will tell them if was going to go into labor in the next week or two. Well, the medicines kept me hyped up all night...I was so tired, but the medicine wouldn't really let me sleep.
Yesterday morning, I woke up and felt like I was having contractions. I couldn't believe it!! So, I called the doctor and left a message. In the meantime, I called Janet, Paul's mom, to come over in case I needed to go to the hospital. The doctor's office called back and called me in a prescription of the same meds I'd had in the shot, as a pill. I was NOT looking forward to all of the side effects, but didn't want to go to the hospital!! The medicine did help, just gave me the hard heartbeat and shakes again. I went to the doctor to do the test. He also gave me another steroid shot to help her lungs. He checked me and I hadn't dialated anymore, so that was good. He just said to stay off my feet and that they'd call me with the results of the test tomorrow.
Well, they just called and the test came back negative. This means that I shouldn't have the baby in the next two weeks. (Although I talked to a friend who works in the labor and delivery unit, and she said it's only for about 7 days.) Either way, it was good news. So, I go back in next week, where I'll be checked again.
This bedrest stuff is really for the birds!! I wouldn't mind just hanging around the house, but having to actually LAY DOWN stinks!! I can be propped up no more than 2 pillows...YUCK!!
Well, thanks to all that have kept us in your prayers. Please keep them coming. Oh, I'll post pictures later from when I was in the hospital. The one of Paul's face pretty much sums up how we felt everytime we got new's hilarious!! I am not supposed to climb the stairs to go up to my computer to load the pictures.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Baby Shower #2

I had my second baby shower on Saturday, April 18th. It was great!! Lots of my closest girlfriends were able to come and share in our joy. One friend, Karee, even drove in from Wimberly! The hostesses were Rebecca Bilnoski and Teresa Williams. The weather was absolutely horrible, with torrential thunderstorms, flooding some people in. So, we started a little late, but had a great time overall.
I got some great gifts, including more clothes, our diaper bag, and lots of little goodies from my registry. Here are a few pictures from the shower. Thanks again to all who came!
Yesterday, mom came over and helped me to organize Addie's room a little more. It is finally somewhat clean and I can walk in it!! There is still quite a lot to do , but I'm including a few pictures of her room...It doesn't look like much yet! I'll update them when we do more. This little girl is going to be so fashionable!! Her closet is already FULL of clothes and goodies!!
I am 32 weeks now, with a doctor's appointment tomorrow. I'll have new pictures! Addison really seems to be getting lots bigger! Everyone says how small I am, but I still feel like I'm so far out there! Paul and I are counting down the weeks until her arrival. We're really getting excited! I am going to a specialist on Wednesday, since I'm still feeling very heavy, like I need to lay down or possibly faint. I'm hoping that they will find something, so that they can fix it, rather than just tell me that everything is normal.
I'm trying to enjoy my sleep (or what little I get of it) now, along with the quiet time. I know so many things are going to be different...What a ride we're getting on! We can't wait!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Pics of me and Paul from the shower

Baby Shower #1

I had my first baby shower on Sunday, April 5th. It was great!! I really got a lot of nice gifts. I got tons of clothes, and not a whole lot of things from my registry, though. I'm hoping that more people will get the things that are on my registry for my next two showers!! Either way though, it all really turned out nicely. It was at Doss Park Community Center and my hostesses were Kristen Biel (my sister), Corissa Morgan (sister-in-law), Dawna Miller (sister-in-law), Ashley Gibbs (cousin), and Trisha Temper (cousin). It was great to see so many friends and family members coming to support our special day. I'm adding some pictures from this day. Paul showed up at the end to help carry the presents out.

Our Birthing Class

Last Saturday, April 3rd, Paul and I attended our first birthing class. We really weren't sure what to expect, other than the fact that it was going to be a long day. The class was from 9:00-4:30! We showed up at the hospital, got signed in, and found a seat. Shortly after, the lady that taught the class, stood up and began to talk. Right then and there, Paul and I KNEW it was going to be a long day! She had the most monetone voice we'd ever heard! She tried to make some jokes with her introduction, but no one laughed, as we weren't really sure if they were, in fact, jokes. Normally, people have a little inflection in their voices when they want people to know they were joking...NOPE! Anyways, I could tell Paul was a little nervous about watching the actual birthing video, but he made it through really well! I was impressed. He talked a little bit through the video, so that reassured me that he was nervous.
We made it through the first half of the class and were released for lunch. Of course, it was a beautiful day!! And, we had to spend it inside!! When we came back from lunch, we ran into my doctor, Dr. Baker. He was on call that weekend. It was nice to be able to sit and talk with him, on a personal level. Usually, it's just rush in, rush out, at the doctor's appointments. We spent such a while talking to him, we were late getting back to class.
When we walked in, everyone was laying on the floor, trying to relax, and do some breathing techniques. Because we were late, we had to be in the front of the classroom, staring back at everyone else! Anyway, I was to lay on the floor and Paul was behind me, supposed to be rubbing my back. I was to practice relaxing and the different breathing strategies. The lady in charge of the class kept walking around, making sure that we were doing everything right. Somehow, I couldn't figure out the breathing!! They want you to do something like "He, hoo, ha". I'm obviously retarded and couldn't get the hang of it! So, I was really concentrating. Meanwhile, Paul kept leaning over into my ear whispering very silly things into my ear, so that I would laugh and couldn't concentrate. I kept hitting him and telling him to stop, that I was trying to concentrate. The lady, then, asked us to switch positions and have the ladies rub the men's back right where we want them to rub us. This way they'd get a good feel of exactly where we were hurting. This was my chance to get Paul back!! I kept saying silly stuff in his ear, exactly how he did mine. He was laughing and kept telling me that he wasn't that bad. OH YES HE WAS!! He just didn't realize it!!
We then took a tour of the maternity ward (if that's what it's called). Seems like the rooms are pretty nice and they do their best to make us comfortable. After the tour, the lady said that we were hour early!! We were thrilled!
So, I don't know how much we really learned in this whole experience. I actually think that the "Pregnancy for Dummies" videos really did help us. I'll just have to figure out the whole breathing thing on my own. I just have to relax and try to stay as calm as possible!! Paul will have to help with that too. I've already told him that I really doubt I'll be in the mood for him to be silly! Hope he figures something else out for when that day really comes!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Pregnancy for Dummies

I'm 29 1/2 weeks today. I go back to the doctor next Tuesday, as I go every 2 weeks now. I'll still have an ultrasound every 4 weeks, unless there is a problem. There is not much to update on this week...Let's see....
Yesterday, I got word that Addie's changer/dresser combo has come in. I can't wait to get it!! Now, I think Paul is going to start feeling the pressure to set up her crib and dresser. This Sunday is my first shower, which I'm so excited about!! Paul is probably going to have to start putting together lots of things, so I think he should start now!
Oh, this weekend I had Paul watch "Pregnancy for Dummies: Second and Third Trimesters" with me, so that he would know what to expect. Well, I think I totally scared him!! He is so not ready for me to go into labor!! He says he doesn't think he'll be able to handle me in such pain. I bet he'll do just fine...especially when he sees me getting drugs that will help me feel more comfortable!
Speaking of drugs, I've already told him that I am prepared to get an epidural, along with any other medical help to make this labor easier. I'm totally okay with a C-section or an episiotomy, or anything like that. There's no reason to cry over it! As long as little Addie comes out safely! I'm ready!!
We have a childbirthing class this Saturday from 9:00-4:30!! What could they possibly have to go over for that long!?!? We'll take a tour of the birthing room, along with the nursery, but come on! I really hope they let us out early, or let us take a long lunch or something. I'm hoping that this class will help ease some of Paul's fears about delivery.
I'm more worried about how to handle everything once Addie gets here!! I've never given a baby a bath before, for example. How do I know if she's getting enough milk if I'm breastfeeding? How do I get her to sleep through the night? How do I make sure I'm still sane through all of this? Those are just a minute part of my worries! I've got tons more of questions! Everyone keeps telling me that it will just come naturally, and not to worry...I'm hoping they're right! I need to see if they have any videos that follow the "Pregnancy for Dummies"....Maybe "How to Get a Clue Once Your Baby Gets Here"!!! Has anyone heard of that?? :)
Oh yeah!! I am definitely feeling the aches and pains of the third trimester. My back is killing me, I can't get comfortable when I lay down to go to sleep, once I get to sleep I have to get up 3-4 times to go to the bathroom, and am gaining weight big time!! I started off at 113 and I'm at 135 right now! I still have a month and a half to go!! I'm sure I'll be huge once Addie's due date really gets closer! My grandma said her doctor told her to not gain anymore than 25. My mom gained 17, I think, with me....I'm already at 22!! Paul says I'm doing a lot more complaining lately, so he's guessing Addie is going to come sooner, rather than later!! She better not!! She's still got some growing to do! I'm sure I'll make it to at least June 1st...maybe not all the way to the 14th, but I guess we'll just have to wait and see!!
As I said, I have my first baby shower on Sunday. I'll post some pictures from that sometime next week...I'm so excited!! :)