Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Bed Rest Day #6

Here I am, reporting from the couch at the Salsgiver residence.....BORED!!
After going to the hospital, Dr. Baker has put be me on bedrest. So, my days have been like this...wake up in bed, have Paul help bring all of my pillows, drinks, and computer downstairs, lay on the couch all day, eat in between my bathroom breaks, look forward to Paul getting home, eat dinner, continue laying on the couch, then have Paul help me upstairs to bed....I know, I know, everyone is SOOOOOOOOOOO jealous. HAHAHA! The part that really stinks is that I'm supposed to be laying down. I can't sit up. Occasionally, I sit up for a minute, but then it's back to laying down! My hips and shoulders are killing me!
Also, I'm on Terbutaline, which is a medicine that helps to stop the contractions. It's working, but I have horrible side effects. It makes me really jittery, my heart beats ninety to nothing, I keep having hot flashes, and my chest really hurts to breathe. I called the doctor yesterday to see what could be done. He was out of the office and the doctor on call said I could get off of the medicine, since I'm going in tomorrow. I pulled myself off, but then worried my contractions would start back up, so I put myself back on it.
Last night, it stormed really bad. I woke up at 2:30 and was totally panicking about the weather!! I almost started to cry!! This medicine is obviously doing a doozy on me!! I guess I'll mention it to the doctor tomorrow.
We've had some great people come over to visit and bring food. Tonight, I'm baking the stuffed bell peppers from my cousins, Trisha and Tracy. I'm about to warm up some leftover chicken croissants for lunch! Thanks to everyone who has come by!!

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