Saturday, April 11, 2009

Our Birthing Class

Last Saturday, April 3rd, Paul and I attended our first birthing class. We really weren't sure what to expect, other than the fact that it was going to be a long day. The class was from 9:00-4:30! We showed up at the hospital, got signed in, and found a seat. Shortly after, the lady that taught the class, stood up and began to talk. Right then and there, Paul and I KNEW it was going to be a long day! She had the most monetone voice we'd ever heard! She tried to make some jokes with her introduction, but no one laughed, as we weren't really sure if they were, in fact, jokes. Normally, people have a little inflection in their voices when they want people to know they were joking...NOPE! Anyways, I could tell Paul was a little nervous about watching the actual birthing video, but he made it through really well! I was impressed. He talked a little bit through the video, so that reassured me that he was nervous.
We made it through the first half of the class and were released for lunch. Of course, it was a beautiful day!! And, we had to spend it inside!! When we came back from lunch, we ran into my doctor, Dr. Baker. He was on call that weekend. It was nice to be able to sit and talk with him, on a personal level. Usually, it's just rush in, rush out, at the doctor's appointments. We spent such a while talking to him, we were late getting back to class.
When we walked in, everyone was laying on the floor, trying to relax, and do some breathing techniques. Because we were late, we had to be in the front of the classroom, staring back at everyone else! Anyway, I was to lay on the floor and Paul was behind me, supposed to be rubbing my back. I was to practice relaxing and the different breathing strategies. The lady in charge of the class kept walking around, making sure that we were doing everything right. Somehow, I couldn't figure out the breathing!! They want you to do something like "He, hoo, ha". I'm obviously retarded and couldn't get the hang of it! So, I was really concentrating. Meanwhile, Paul kept leaning over into my ear whispering very silly things into my ear, so that I would laugh and couldn't concentrate. I kept hitting him and telling him to stop, that I was trying to concentrate. The lady, then, asked us to switch positions and have the ladies rub the men's back right where we want them to rub us. This way they'd get a good feel of exactly where we were hurting. This was my chance to get Paul back!! I kept saying silly stuff in his ear, exactly how he did mine. He was laughing and kept telling me that he wasn't that bad. OH YES HE WAS!! He just didn't realize it!!
We then took a tour of the maternity ward (if that's what it's called). Seems like the rooms are pretty nice and they do their best to make us comfortable. After the tour, the lady said that we were hour early!! We were thrilled!
So, I don't know how much we really learned in this whole experience. I actually think that the "Pregnancy for Dummies" videos really did help us. I'll just have to figure out the whole breathing thing on my own. I just have to relax and try to stay as calm as possible!! Paul will have to help with that too. I've already told him that I really doubt I'll be in the mood for him to be silly! Hope he figures something else out for when that day really comes!

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