Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Pregnancy for Dummies

I'm 29 1/2 weeks today. I go back to the doctor next Tuesday, as I go every 2 weeks now. I'll still have an ultrasound every 4 weeks, unless there is a problem. There is not much to update on this week...Let's see....
Yesterday, I got word that Addie's changer/dresser combo has come in. I can't wait to get it!! Now, I think Paul is going to start feeling the pressure to set up her crib and dresser. This Sunday is my first shower, which I'm so excited about!! Paul is probably going to have to start putting together lots of things, so I think he should start now!
Oh, this weekend I had Paul watch "Pregnancy for Dummies: Second and Third Trimesters" with me, so that he would know what to expect. Well, I think I totally scared him!! He is so not ready for me to go into labor!! He says he doesn't think he'll be able to handle me in such pain. I bet he'll do just fine...especially when he sees me getting drugs that will help me feel more comfortable!
Speaking of drugs, I've already told him that I am prepared to get an epidural, along with any other medical help to make this labor easier. I'm totally okay with a C-section or an episiotomy, or anything like that. There's no reason to cry over it! As long as little Addie comes out safely! I'm ready!!
We have a childbirthing class this Saturday from 9:00-4:30!! What could they possibly have to go over for that long!?!? We'll take a tour of the birthing room, along with the nursery, but come on! I really hope they let us out early, or let us take a long lunch or something. I'm hoping that this class will help ease some of Paul's fears about delivery.
I'm more worried about how to handle everything once Addie gets here!! I've never given a baby a bath before, for example. How do I know if she's getting enough milk if I'm breastfeeding? How do I get her to sleep through the night? How do I make sure I'm still sane through all of this? Those are just a minute part of my worries! I've got tons more of questions! Everyone keeps telling me that it will just come naturally, and not to worry...I'm hoping they're right! I need to see if they have any videos that follow the "Pregnancy for Dummies"....Maybe "How to Get a Clue Once Your Baby Gets Here"!!! Has anyone heard of that?? :)
Oh yeah!! I am definitely feeling the aches and pains of the third trimester. My back is killing me, I can't get comfortable when I lay down to go to sleep, once I get to sleep I have to get up 3-4 times to go to the bathroom, and am gaining weight big time!! I started off at 113 and I'm at 135 right now! I still have a month and a half to go!! I'm sure I'll be huge once Addie's due date really gets closer! My grandma said her doctor told her to not gain anymore than 25. My mom gained 17, I think, with me....I'm already at 22!! Paul says I'm doing a lot more complaining lately, so he's guessing Addie is going to come sooner, rather than later!! She better not!! She's still got some growing to do! I'm sure I'll make it to at least June 1st...maybe not all the way to the 14th, but I guess we'll just have to wait and see!!
As I said, I have my first baby shower on Sunday. I'll post some pictures from that sometime next week...I'm so excited!! :)


  1. Can't wait to see your growing belly at your shower on Sunday! :) Get ready to open lots and lots of presents and have about a hundred hands on your belly! :)
    ~Megan Dutka

  2. I think all parents worry about the same things you mentioned! You really will get the hang of it I promise. As far as getting her to sleep through the night, I think that is just different from baby to baby you know? But the one thing that I can tell you is sleep when she sleeps which sounds easy, but with a new born around you will probably feel like you have to get all the stuff done when she's sleeping, but don't you have got to get your rest!!! The bottle wont go anywhere and nobody will judge you by the mound of dirty burp clothes in the floor just take care of yourself, I'm sure you will have a ton of family and friends to help you with everything else. Good Luck and have fun at your shower this weekend!!!