Tuesday, March 24, 2009

28 Weeks

So, here are the latest pics of our little one. What a lady--she has her legs crossed in the last picture!! Also, the one of her face--that's not a bruise or anything on her head. It's just where the ultrasound tech was pushing on my belly! She also said that she has long legs--guess she's going to take after Daddy with her height!! Today she's 3 lbs exactly and I'm 130 lbs exactly!! I can't believe it! Everything looks good otherwise. My placenta has finally moved up. I'm at 4.5cm. It needs to be above 4, so I'm looking good. Basically, my back pain and any other pains I'm having are caused by the weight gain and the fact that I'm active...I probably need to slow down some. Other than that, everything looks good!
Okay, I'm exhausted...time to go lay on the couch!! Have a good one!

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