Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Last night we went to the rodeo and had a great time. I've decided that Addie's ears are really working. When the fireworks went off, she jumped, as it startled her. Also, during the performance, which was really good by the way, it was really loud!! She was moving quite a bit...Maybe she was dancing. She must really like Lady Antebellum!
As far as the rodeo is concerned, they have a new category called Muttin' Bustin'. It's so funny!! It's where they have 4-6 year old kids riding sheep as far as they could without falling off. Of course, they all did. Some cried when they fell off, while others got back up and walked back to their parents. Either way, it was really cute. Last night a girl won.
Also, we walked around the livestock show and booths to try to get Callie a new collar. (We got hers about 3 years ago at the Livestock show.) Unfortunately, we couldn't find the booth!! Guess we'll have to try to order her one on the internet!
We're going back to the rodeo next week...maybe we'll have better luck!

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