Monday, March 9, 2009

26 weeks and Counting!!

Here are my latest 26 weeks pictures. I took them this morning. My face looks a little red because I decided to sit in the sun yesterday and relax. I put my bathing suit on and got a good laugh! Paul has painted Addison's room and it looks great. I can't wait to get everything set up! It's going to look so cute!! Our theme is Ladybug Lullabye. The colors are pink, brown, and sage green. Oh my gosh, I'm getting excited just thinking about it!
Other things that have gone on....My baby showers are soon approaching. My family and friends have been working fast and furious to get everything put together. I really appreciate all that you guys are doing. I'm sure I'll love them!
Paul started working on the deck outside yesterday. He removed one of the sides of the fence. It looks great! He has really worked hard on it. (Remember, I sat by the pool yesterday watching him!)
Speaking of Paul, I just wanted to let everyone know how wonderful he's been. I have the most amazing husband. Addie is so lucky to have a daddy like him....and she's not even here yet! He is so thoughtful, always trying to take care of us. Thank you babe for all that you do. It definitely hasn't gone unnoticed!! We love you so much! :)
We are going to the rodeo tonight to see Lady Antebellum. I'm really excited about it!! It will be Addison's first concert!! We are also going next Monday to see Darius Rucker. We plan to get Callie a new collar. I'm hoping to get a pink or purple one.
Okay...enough randomness for today!! Hope everyone has a great week! One more week until Spring Break!!! :)

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  1. Sounds like things couldn't be better! The nursery is going to be gorgeous. Two things I didn't do with Sarah...I didn't do girly colors I now regret that. I did gender neutral. The other thing I didn't do and now regret is I didn't get a transitional stage crib and now she needs a twin bed bc she is too much of a bed hog for a toddler bed these days and now we have to go buy one!!!