Tuesday, November 9, 2010

What a Beautiful Family I have!

Here are some pictures from our Family Pictures Session!

Some Pictures from September and October

Time Flies when You're Not Blogging!

So, I'm home from work sick today, so I'll try to update you guys on the past FIVE months since I've blogged!! Here's a synopsis!
July--We had Fourth of July, Aunt Kristen's birthday, New Braunfels, my 30th birthday, and our 6th anniversary. We had a nice Fourth of July, having family over and then we went to our church for fireworks that night. Addison loved it!! I was worried she'd be scared, but she was dancing to the music and watching the fireworks!
Kristen's birthday--Thursday was her actual birthday where I joined her to play Bingo at the SPJST hall...Man! Was that crazy!!! I never dreamed so many people our age liked Bingo!! Neither Kristen or I won, but it was a good time. Our friend Anthony did win something like $250, so at least there was a little luck at our table!
New Braunfels--We had a great time. At this time, Addison was still not walking, so our vacation was still fairly relaxing...We didn't have to chase her everywhere! This is always my favorite vacation. I was able to really relax and enjoy myself. Maybe next year Addison will actually want to get in the water!
My 30th--Paul and Kristen surprised me by getting together lots of family and friends at Pappasito's for dinner, then to Whiskey River for dancing. It was a lot of fun! The next morning, Paul told me to get dressed and to pack a bag. I didn't know where we were going! If you know anything about me, you know this stressed me out!! Me and my control freakness!! :)Anyways, he and Kristen surprised me with my girlfriends and their significant others in Galveston. Kristen's soon-to-be business partner let us use their beach house for the night. We had a great time! Thanks to Dr. Beckman for letting us use it! Us girls have decided we need to do something like this every year!
Our Anniversary--since we had just celebrated my birthday, we didn't really do anything exciting for our anniversary. Just loved on each other! :)

August--I started my new job in Klein at Mueller Elementary. I moved down to 3rd grade from 4th. Boy, is this an adjustment!! I LOVE my teammates, so that really helps, though I do struggle some days with my job in general. I keep telling myself that it will get better!
We also started Addison full time at the new babysitter, Rosie's. We love her! Addison loves it there too. She's able to join two other kiddos that were at Margaret's with her, so she already started with some familiar faces.

September--Addison turned 18 months, so we went in for a checkup. At this appointment, she had another sinus infection, so she was given Suprax, or something like that. An antibiotic to help. Well, she wasn't getting better and developed a fever of about 102. This scared me, so I took her to the after hours clinic, where they just switched her antibiotic. About a week later, she developed another high fever for several days. I was worried she had the flu or something, so we took her back in. The ran all of the tests--flu, strep, and even did a catheter on her to make sure it wasn't a bladder infection. Everything came back negative. The doctor figured it was just some sort of virus and that we were over the worst. Well, she started to hold herself and cry hysterically. I figured the catheter gave her a bladder infection!! Paul took in a urine sample and had them run a culture. Low and behold, she DID have a bladder infection with two forms of bacteria. All of the antibiotics she had been on were not curing the second bacteria. SOOO...four antibiotics (and a month and a half later), she was now on Amoxicillin.

October has now come along and she's still on the Amoxicillin. 3 days into it, she had diarrhea and was throwing up!!! I called the doctor. One nurse told me that it was just a reaction to the Amoxicillin, another nurse told me it was the stomach flu!!!! GOOD GRIEF!! Talk about stress!! And, my POOR BABY!!! Well, that weekend, I also got sick--we both had the stomach flu!!! We were both feeling good enough though to go to the Pumpkin Patch and take some good pictures. Finally, we got over our sicknesses and were able to go to the church's fall festival. Addison dressed up like a Texans' cheerleader. She had the best time! That Sunday was Halloween--we had the best intentions to go Trick-or-Treating, but she started to get fussy. She and I just passed out candy instead. She was funny--she kept waving the candy at the people on the streets like "come and get it!"

Now it's November--Things are going well, except that I'm at home, sick AGAIN!! I think my students and I are passing around the same bugs! We're looking forward to Thanksgiving in a couple of weeks. The only bad thing is that on the Monday of Thanksgiving week, Addison has to go in to get a VCUG and an ultrasound. Basically, they are going to do an ultrasound of her kidneys and renal system just to make sure she is anatomically correct. (I think that's the correct wording.) They want to make sure she has two kidneys, etc. Then, they will fill her bladder up with a dye and make it all come back out, making sure that it doesn't back up into her kidneys or anything like that. Yes, they have to use a catheter for this, so let's all say some prayers that this whole drama doesn't start again!

I will post some pictures from the past few outings...sorry this is so long!! I'll try to get better!