Monday, April 20, 2009

Baby Shower #2

I had my second baby shower on Saturday, April 18th. It was great!! Lots of my closest girlfriends were able to come and share in our joy. One friend, Karee, even drove in from Wimberly! The hostesses were Rebecca Bilnoski and Teresa Williams. The weather was absolutely horrible, with torrential thunderstorms, flooding some people in. So, we started a little late, but had a great time overall.
I got some great gifts, including more clothes, our diaper bag, and lots of little goodies from my registry. Here are a few pictures from the shower. Thanks again to all who came!
Yesterday, mom came over and helped me to organize Addie's room a little more. It is finally somewhat clean and I can walk in it!! There is still quite a lot to do , but I'm including a few pictures of her room...It doesn't look like much yet! I'll update them when we do more. This little girl is going to be so fashionable!! Her closet is already FULL of clothes and goodies!!
I am 32 weeks now, with a doctor's appointment tomorrow. I'll have new pictures! Addison really seems to be getting lots bigger! Everyone says how small I am, but I still feel like I'm so far out there! Paul and I are counting down the weeks until her arrival. We're really getting excited! I am going to a specialist on Wednesday, since I'm still feeling very heavy, like I need to lay down or possibly faint. I'm hoping that they will find something, so that they can fix it, rather than just tell me that everything is normal.
I'm trying to enjoy my sleep (or what little I get of it) now, along with the quiet time. I know so many things are going to be different...What a ride we're getting on! We can't wait!

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