Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Well, I went to the Dr today and it looks like he's starting to get concerned. I am dilated to 2.5 and my placenta is still really low. He put me on the monitors. I was not having contractions, but lots of irritability. He is worried that I may start to bleed because of the low placenta. So, he wants to see me and put me on the monitors again on Friday. (Today is Wednesday.) He told me not to eat anything after midnight on Thursday, just in case. So, I may have a baby as early as Friday!!! Wow! I guess me getting off of bedrest really did do something! I'm not holding my breath though....I know if I count on it, it won't happen. Just going to continue trying to clean/organize some of our stuff! Yep, I guess I'm nesting!

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