Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Our Latest Updates

Not too much has gone on here at the Salsgiver household. I'm still on bedrest. I went to the doctor yesterday, as I am going weekly now. I am 34 weeks, and really starting the countdown!!

Last week at my doctor's appointment, I informed him that I had some really hard contractions the night before and that morning I was having a lot of pain and pressure. Well, I always have contractions, but these hard ones were actually doing something. I found out I was dilated to 1.5. My cervix length was 2.1 and the baby weighed 4 lbs 8oz. This was smaller than I expected, as she was something similar to that weight 2 weeks before. I also addressed that I wasn't gaining any weight. Dr. Baker was not concerned, as the baby was gaining weight, so that was all he cared about. Soooo....because of the dilation, my questions about getting off bedrest early were all null and void. He sent me over to the triage for another dose of terbutaline to stop the irritability/contractions that caused the dilation. I went home that night.

This week, I didn't have an ultrasound, just a doctor's visit. I haven't had the hard contractions which is good. Since last Thursday though, I have had lots of burning. I was pretty convinced that it was a bladder infection. Dr. Baker didn't think so, but went ahead and gave me medicine for a UTI and for a yeast infection....really hoping it kicks in soon! Dr. Baker did say that my cervix hasn't changed any since last week, so that was good news. He did do another FFN test to make sure the baby wasn't coming anytime soon. I'm awaiting those results.

In other news, we went to Brittany Simmons' wedding reception this weekend. I know, you are thinking, "What? She got off bedrest?" Actually, no. We took a lawnchair and I had it all set up there at the reception so I could still recline. Very silly, I know...I felt stupid at first, then realized I knew most of the people at the reception who were all very entertained with the idea! Addison was the dancing fool!! This was her first real wedding, as last year she went to Leslie's, but she had just learned to walk. Addison danced with Daddy, Grandma, Aunt Kristen, Aunt Donna, but especially her friend, Jace. They were the hottest couple on the dance floor!! Pictures are to follow! Needless to say, she had a great time. I think she was asleep before we left the parking lot!

Oh!! One other big piece of news!!! Our little one finally has a name!! Her name will be Aubrey Elaine. The Elaine part comes from my sister, Kristen Elaine. She was very honored that Aubrey will be named after her! We went through many names, but Paul wasn't sure about any of them. He totally shocked me on Monday when he texted and said that he liked the name and that we should pick it. Woohoo!! So, we'll have Addison and Aubrey. I got my two "A" names like I wanted.

I've decided that this will definitely be our last pregnancy! I know, I am at the end of my pregnancy, and everyone thinks this way....well....I'm for real! I'm done with bedrest, gestational diabetes, and all of the other "fun" stuff that comes with pregnancy. It still breaks my heart that I am not able to play with/help Addison as much as I want to. Can't wait to lift her again!!

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  1. I love the name! It is good you were able to get out of the house and enjoy yourself. Not too much longer and you will be home with your newest addition. I hope your burning subsides and the remaining weeks are as comfortable as possible. I'm praying for all of you.