Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Pregnancy Issues

Well, I started to feel faint again, just like I did when I was pregnant with Addison. I even had to leave a workshop for work at the start of it, as I didn't think I was going to be able to hold my head up. Luckily, I had a doctor's appointment the next day. Ends up that my cervix is funneling. At first, I wasn't really sure what this all meant, but have come to the conclusion that my bag of water is pressing on my cervix, making it funnel. Well, I was also starting to have contractions, so Dr. Baker sent me over to the hospital to the triage. I was hooked up to an IV of fluids (to stop the contractions) and had to wait FOREVER before I was sent home. Before I left though, I was given the first of two steroid shots to develop the baby's lungs. My doctor put me on bedrest because of my cervix...yuck. I was 28 weeks. With Addison, I went on bedrest at 31 weeks, but that was for contractions. Dr. Baker told me previously that if I was having contractions, but they were not effecting my cervix, he would not put me on bedrest. Figures, I have something different!!
The next day, I went back to Dr. Baker's office to get my second shot. They hooked me up to the monitors to find I was having lots of contractions....back to the hospital I went!! Luckily, my mom went with me this time! I got the shots of terbutaline like last time, but learned that the FDA does not allow women to be on the terbutaline pills or pump at home anymore, like last time. Of course, this freaked me out, as I knew I was going to continue to have contractions. Luckily, they were not affecting my cervix, as it was still closed.
We were scheduled to leave for New Braunfels again on Friday, though we had to cancel our trip because I wasn't able to go!! Talk about another disappointment!
Sooo....back to bedrest. Addison didn't do too well with me on bedrest the first couple of days. At first, I think she was scared of me laying on the couch all day, and wasn't understanding why I couldn't get off the couch to play with her, or put on a movie, or whatever. She began hurting me! (Both mentally and physically!) She would come up to kiss me, but would bite me instead. Or, she was head-butting me in the face. On top of the physical pain, it really hurt me to not be able to pick her up or do things with her. Luckily, she has improved now...we are movie buddies! We have watched Toy Story 3 about a trillion times! Paul has been great so far through this experience...doing the household chores and cooking dinner, along with taking care of Addison. We are very blessed that his work let him change his schedule to 7am-4pm, so that he can be home to help take care of me.
I've been on bedrest since July 20th...it's August 16th today. I'm 32 weeks along. I'm sure I have at least 4 more weeks of bedrest. I'm trying to stay as positive as I can during the days, though I am very bored. I had to let work know that I wouldn't be back until the week after Thanksgiving. Talk about a weird feeling today when all of my teacher friends went back to work!
Oh! On top of everything else, I've been diagnosed with Gestational diabetes. Luckily my numbers aren't too high, and my sugars can be controlled with a diet. I don't have to be on insulin. I hate the diet though!! I've never been one who has had to eat certain foods at certain times...I eat all of the time! Now, I have to count how many starches, fat, fruits, meats, etc that I eat in a meal to make sure that it's appropriate. I also take my blood sugar counts 4 times daily. I think this has been the roughest part for me about bedrest!!
We still haven't picked a name for this little girl! I had to see a specialist, Dr. Kirshon, the other day. He said she is very healthy and is predicted to be another 8 pounder!! He said everything looked good though, and feels that I'll make it another two months.
Thanks to everyone for all of the prayers!! Keep them coming!

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