Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I hate contractions!!!

I'm 37 weeks and am officially miserable! These contractions get really strong for about an hour, then finally slack off again. I don't want to be one of these people that keep going to the hospital for "false alarms", so I'm trying to just grin and bear it all. Yesterday, I did some research on how to induce naturally. Here are some of the basic conclusions: lots of walking, check; have sex, check; drink lots of water, check; eat fresh pineapple, check; drink castor oil--no thanks! So, I did all of that and still nothing! But, after dinner, my contractions got really strong, which scared me. I started to cry, which didn't help the situation any! They are very strong, but I can't get them to be 3-5 minutes apart. It's just one long huge pain! Anyways, after an hour, they calmed down again!! GRRRR!!
I had a doctor's appointment today where he stretched my cervix. I am dilated to 3 cm, and he said he could stretch it more than 3, so that's good. Other than that, not much has changed. I'm still having a BIG baby. Today, according to the ultrasound, she was 7 lbs, 10 oz!! I asked Dr. Baker when he could induce me and he said not until 39 weeks!! (This is the week of June 7th!) I'm going to be as big as a house! (I already feel that I am!) None of my clothes are fitting anymore and I weighed 142 lbs at the doctor's office today!! I started off at 113, which was already heavy for me because of all of the fertility drugs.
Anyways, I'm very ready to have this baby!! If I wasn't having the contractions, I wouldn't be this miserable!! Sooo...everyone needs to pray that I have this baby SOON!!! Or, if you have any other strategies as to how to get her out, let me know!!
The pictures from the ultrasound weren't very good today. She still has HUGE cheeks!! That's about all that you can see in the pictures. They weren't the 3D ones...
It's funny...we prayed so long to keep her in, now I need prayers to get her out!! I'm just so tired of hearing "the longer she's in you, the healthier she gets!" or "enjoy the peace and quiet now, you won't have it for long!" I know everyone is trying to be helpful, but it gets really old!
Oh, the other thing that all people need to take note of......Don't tell a pregnant woman, or a brand new mom that her baby isn't very cute, or is ugly!!! Pregnant women are already sensitive enough, that doesn't help the situation!! I know the 3D pictures weren't exactly beautiful, but it still is very hurtful to hear those words. So, a word to the wise....keep your opinions to yourself!!
Okay, enough of being on my soapbox for the day! Hope everyone is doing well!! I'll keep everyone updated! :)


  1. I feel your pain... well, not completely, I never had my cervix stretched... ouch!!

    Think of contractions as your body's way of massaging your baby, preparing her lungs for the great big world!!

    What really helped move things along during my 3rd pregnancy (she was approaching 2 weeks overdue) was acupressure. It's not for everyone and you'll need to check with your doctor first, but it's much less painful than medical induction and much less traumatic for baby!

    This is the acupressure book we used:

    Oh yeah, and remember to BREATHE deeply during contractions...

    Good luck!!

  2. OMG who would say something about the baby not being cute or being ugly! I hope you weren't speaking from things people have said about your baby, she is cute honey!!! And you look great! It will be over soon. As far as the longer she is there the me I sooo know what you mean at this point! When I was 37 wks I felt exactly the same! She is healthy, she would be fine if you had her tonight...and I'm sure you would be beyond fine LOL And as the "peace and quiet while you have it" UGH please! As uncomfortable as you are at this point it doesn't matter how quiet it is without her here! If ya can't get comfortable ya can't get comfortable period. That babies cry is going to be the best thing you hear when you have her! Later when she wont stop crying but she is full dry and fine you just put her in her crib close the door turn the monitor to a low setting and turn the tv UP seriously! just check on her every so often...babies cry...period. but i'm with you, comfort over quiet!