Thursday, February 26, 2009


Well, I went to the doctor on Tuesday, as planned. Everything was going really well until the ultrasound tech went to check the gender. She said that she was unsure, and called in a lady who had worked there for 17 years. She is known as "The Ultrasound Queen" and can tell any gender right away. She walked in and right away said "It's a girl!" I was totally shocked!! I really thought that they would still see boy parts! She continued to say "there are no boy parts, whatsoever. There are no testicles or anything...even if they weren't decended yet, we'd see something...there's nothing like that here!" The first ultrasound tech almost started to cry. She continuously apologized and said that this had never happened before. I was in absolute shock that I really didn't know what to say. Then, I started to wonder what I was going to tell Paul. He had been so excited that we were having a boy. Well, I had to go see my doctor next. My regular doctor, Dr. Baker, was sick, so I saw a midwife. As I was waiting to see her, I called Paul to tell him the news. He, too, didn't know what to say. I cried as I told him, as I was afraid of his reaction. He told me that he was thrilled either way, as long as the baby was happy.
Because we'd been given so much run around about the sex, I wanted a second opinion. I decided to call my sister. Because she is a doctor, she has many friends that have offered to help us out if we ever needed anything. She was great and called a doctor friend that worked at her hospital. He said that he would be happy to help us out. So, today we went to see him. He and his ultrasound tech, that had been reading ultrasounds for 26 years, said that we were undoubtably having a girl. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO....we're having a GIRL!!! We haven't decided on a name yet. I have liked Sarah Grace, but when I mentioned that to Paul today, he wasn't so sure yet. Luckily, Paul painted the room khaki, which should still go fine with girl stuff. I'm going to have to go back to re-register for my stuff at Babies R Us. I don't think our little girl is going to want sports stuff!!! Anyways, I'm hoping many people haven't already bought little boy stuff!! It'll have to go back to the store! Either way, we are thrilled the baby is healthy. That's all that we can really ask for. Now we have a healthy girl!! :)

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  1. I like the pink background on your blogs now!
    Let me know once you finish re-registering so we can start planning a PINK shower instead of blue!!! We all are excited either way...just want you to have a healthy baby!! Love ya, Tree!