Thursday, February 12, 2009

The stomach bug??

So...the doctor's think I have a stomach bug. I'm not really too sure about this diagnosis, but we'll see...the only reason I'm buying into this is that Paul actually left work early yesterday saying that his stomach hurt. So, maybe we both have something, who knows? Either way, I left work early yesterday because the doctor told me to. I slept from 6:45pm to 5:45am when I got up for work. I went in to work, took our faculty picture, got ready to start the day when WHAM!, it hit me again. I told them to find me a sub, something was wrong, and that I was leaving. I came home and slept from about 9am-10:45. Hope that helps. I'm going downstairs to fix me some lunch and watch all of the shows I DVR'd last night. I'm really hoping to feel better soon!

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