Saturday, June 6, 2009

Total and Absolute Euphoria

Once the shock and the awe wore off and the families left, all that I found was total and absolute euphoria at the site of Addison. There are little words to explain this familiar feeling in the tree of life, yet one can only truly experienced this when holding your own child for the first time.

Once the dust settled and I was able to take care of my wife and baby, the emotions truly set in. The sense of responsibility to help shape, this only hours old child, took hold. Knowing that we will be loving, teaching, and supporting this child for the rest of our lives can seem a bit overwhelming. Yet looking into her eyes you only have one choice; not to fail.

As I wrote some time ago; my dreams are no longer mine, they are no longer ours, they are now my life’s dream for my child. This was never more clearly apparent until June 5th 2009, at 3:44pm.


Addison Grace Salsgiver

8 lbs 8 oz - 20 inches

June 5th 2009


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  1. She is perfect Paul! What you wrote is beautiful! The two of you are going to be wonderful parents. Congratulations, enjoy your little miracle!