Monday, June 1, 2009

Contractions and Pain and Pressure...Oh my!

Nope, still no baby!! I'm 38 weeks and am super frustrated!! I had a pretty bad weekend. Well, it was bad starting around 7pm on Saturday. I started having BIG contractions which hurt really bad. You know, things are never normal with me, so instead of being able to tell when the started and stopped, I just had constant pain. It felt like a never-ending contraction. Well, this pain lasted until THIS MORNING, which is Monday! I finally got some relief this morning, but still called the doctor. Basically, he said that I'm 38 weeks pregnant and there is not a whole lot that can be done. They said to try Tylenol...WHAT??!?! Tylenol?!?! Does Tylenol ever really help anyone? It doesn't help me, though I have been taking some. To make matters worse, I've been having quite a bit of vaginal pain/pressure this afternoon. I'm not holding my breath or getting excited that this could be a sign of labor. I'm just getting super frustrated now!! I'm sure all of you that are reading this are probably thinking "Man, is she ever writing anything positive anymore?!!" Sorry!! I don't think you'll get a really positive blog until this little girl gets out of me!! My next doctor's appointment is Wednesday morning at 8:30 where they'll do another ultrasound (BPP), monitoring (NST), and then of course the doctor's visit. He won't induce until 39 weeks, so I'm hoping I can talk him into inducing me at the beginning of next week. So..everyone say a little prayer that he feels sorry for me and is going to get her out ASAP!!

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  1. I'm so glad you get induced Monday! Hopefully she will grace you with her presence before then! And no Tylenol doesn't really work at this point. I don't know anybody that is a ball of sunshine after about 37 weeks, so don't worry about how people perceive your blogs! After everything you have gone through you have every right to say what you please and NOT feel guilty!!!