Sunday, June 14, 2009

Our Birth Story

Sorry I haven't blogged lately...We've been a little busy! Many people have asked for my birth story, how everything happened. So, here it goes:

On Thursday, June 4th, Paul called me around 10am and told me that he had lost his job. The economy problems had hit Maersk and many people were let go, Paul being one of them. Of course, this stressed us out to no end. We spent the afternoon trying not to worry each other, crying some, but also trying to be strong. This was just not great timing to lose his job. (We had known a week prior that some people's jobs were in jeopardy, but continuously prayed and believed that it would not be Paul.) Either way, we now prayed for safety and security and for a fantastic job to fall into Paul's lap. We knew that our medical benefits and his pay would last until July 1st, so we were safe as far as delivery was concerned.
That night, I woke up around 11:45 and noticed my underwear seemed a little wet. Not sure whether or not this was something for me to worry about, I changed my underwear and went back to sleep. Then, at 3:30 in the morning, I woke up to find that my underwear was wet again. I woke Paul and told him what was going on. He suggested that I call the 24 hour nurse service through our insurance. I did, and they told me that if I was not leaking when I walked around, it probably wasn't my water breaking. It wasn't leaking, so I tried not to worry. The nurse then said that the only way that they could tell for sure was to go to the hospital. I, then, called Labor and Delivery at the hospital to get their opinion. They told me to go ahead and come on in. We really didn't want this to be a false alarm, but went ahead and headed to the hospital.
When I got to the hospital, they were able to do a test on a strip of paper. If it turned navy blue, then my water had broken. If it was yellow, it was just some sort of discharge or urine. Sure enough, it turned blue. My water had broken!! This was it!
I called my mom first, as she and Orbon had gone camping in New Braunfels. I knew it would take her the longest to get to the hospital. We, then, called the rest of the family to let them know. There was no way of knowing, but I figured my labor would go fairly quickly, as I'd been contracting for 6 weeks. They gave me Pitocin shortly after to get my contractions to speed up. I was dilated to a 3 when I went into the hospital. Dr. Cantu walked in. My doctor, Dr. Baker, was not on call this weekend. Luckily, I had already met Dr. Cantu and really liked her. She told me that she was not afraid to give me an epidural at any point if I wanted it. Meaning, when I was ready for it, I could have it. My contractions were getting pretty hard, so I decided I wanted it. That REALLY helped! I highly recommend it!!
After about 2 hours, I was only dilated to 4. They told me that there was a chance of a C-section, since I wasn't really progressing. All along, I've said I'm not scared of a c-section. Well, this was true until the time actually came. Paul was videotaping me and everyone in the hospital room. He started to ask me questions like "Where are we?" "What are we about to do?" and said things like "It's no longer going to be us two anymore." Well, I started to get upset, as my emotions were running wild. I started to cry, just out of fear. Paul was incredibly supportive and asked everyone to leave the room. We had our last minutes alone. I cried, he was so encouraging. Then, after I dried it up, I was okay. Still scared, but okay...
Then, it was time....they wheeled me into the operating room. Paul had to wait in another room while they prepped me for surgery. Finally, he was able to come in. I was trying not to cry, as I was scared to death. The anesthesiologist gave me lots of drugs and my body got really cold, a sign that the medicine was working. Dr. Cantu came in and said that she was ready to deliver Addison Grace.
They started to cut me open, telling me that I should only feel pulling and pressure. Unfortunately, I felt more than that!! The drugs hadn't kicked in yet. I felt the knife! I was shouting "Ouch, Ow!" They stopped, to make sure the medicine had worked. Then, they started again. I always thought that I wouldn't feel anything in a C-section. This was TOTALLY wrong! The pulling and tugging was AWFUL!! Come to find out later on, Dr. Cantu tried to make a small incision and was pulling out a big baby. So, there was lots of pushing and pulling on my stomach. I was starting to hyperventilate, as they had to give me oxygen. Paul was told to hold my arms down so that I wouldn't try to reach down and grab anything.
Finally, she was out. I heard her cry, which made me bawl!! They said she was 8 lbs, 8 oz, 20 inches long. I think the first thing I said was "Good God!" I never dreamed she'd actually be that big!! Earlier in the day, Dr. Cantu guessed 7 lbs, 10 oz. Guess not!
I told Paul to leave with the baby while I was getting sewn up. I was still very scared and was EXHAUSTED! I could hear the doctor and nurses talking. I tried to fall asleep, but my mind was racing!
Paul finally met me back in the recovery room. I started to calm down and ask him questions.
Then, I was wheeled back into my hospital room. I don't remember much from there, but my dad videotaped everything for us.
So, Addison's first visitors were my mom (Nana), my dad (Gramps), his girlfriend Teresa, Aunt Kristen, Paul's mom (Grammie), Paul's dad (PawPaw), Aunt Dawna, Aunt Donna, Uncle Terris, Travis, Mimi and Poppy. All I remember is that everyone told me that she was beautiful. Because I had a C-section, I had to stay in the hospital for 3 nights. (Friday-Monday).
We had other visitors like Aunt Crissy, Tony, the Chilsons, and Teresa. Once we got home, Nana, Lloyd, and Aunt Susan were waiting on us with fried chicken, mashed potatoes, and cole slaw. It was great. I was so tired though, I wasn't too into talking.
I'll add more later as a different blog. This is our story so far. My mom has come over to spend the night several times so that Paul and I get some sleep. Paul's mom has come over to make dinner and to help around the house. It's all really been great. I wouldn't trade it for the world. I am truly a very lucky woman.
Thanks to everyone for all of the well wishes. I won't be able to email or call everyone back. Hope this is good enough! I've added a few pictures from the hospital and since we've been home.

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  1. I'm so sorry Shelley. It's one of those things that is impossible to understand until you've been there. You know I'm here with plenty of C-section support if you need it! There's also a group called ICAN that is great, too, if you ever need the support of a bunch of women who are also upset about their C-sections.

    As for now, enjoy the babymoon! But take care of yourself. You have been through a lot, too.