Sunday, February 6, 2011

November News

To start off, I know it's been forever since I've blogged...we have some craziness going on in our lives, and I finally have a minute to sit down and type it all out. So, here it goes---November.

In November, Addison came down with a pretty high fever that would not go away. She had it for about 2 weeks, and I continuously was taking her to the doctor. She supposedly had a sinus infection that wasn't getting better. Well, I took off of work one day to get everything situated, as she and I had a rough night of sleeping. After all kinds of tests were run, it was found that she has had a bladder infection all this time. We finally got to see our actual doctor, Dr. Lacour, after about 3 different trips to the doctor. He gave her an antibiotic and told me that he'd like to run some tests....She had to have an ultrasound of her kidneys, bladder, etc, along with a VCUG, where she has water flushed up in her, and they watch on an x-ray type machine to see where the water goes. WELL....I took her into the hospital and my mom, my dad, and Paul's mom all wanted to be there. To be honest, with all of them there, it made me a little nervous. I tried to settle myself down, telling myself that this was a routine procedure. I wanted to take her in the room, by myself, and have them wait in the waiting room, for my sanity.

Well, we did the ultrasound and everything looked great. She was anatomically correct--2 kidneys, one bladder, everything where it was supposed to be. I kept telling Addison to look for Elmo in the screen. This way, she wasn't too scared and crying. She did great.

Then, it was time for the VCUG. We got her almost all ready to go, when the nurse asked me if there was any possible way that I could be pregnant, as I couldn't be in the room with the x-ray. Lo and behold, I had been late and had JUST taken a pregnancy test that was positive. Paul and I didn't want to say anything to our families yet though, since we had not been to the doctor or anything. Well, that ruined that---I had to go out into the waiting room and spoil our surprise. I had to tell my mom, dad, and mother-in-law that there was a possibility that I was pregnant and that I couldn't be in the room. So, my mom came back and was in the room with Addison.

Poor baby, she screamed the entire time, as she had to be held down. They used the smallest catheter possible, so it took a long time for the water to get up to her bladder. Finally, after about 25 minutes, we started to see something. Some of Addison's urine is backing up into her kidneys, rather than being all flushed out.

So, the next day, I went to her regular doctor, to get the results. He didn't seem too concerned, but was glad that we did the procedure. (My mom kept trying to talk me out of doing it.) He said that there is a flap that is on your ureter that closes so that the urine will not back up into the kidney. Unfortunately, hers hasn't grown all the way yet. So, he put her on a mild antibiotic for 9 months to prevent any bacteria from going into the kidney and causing another infection. Hopefully, in the 9 months, it will grow. So, we go back in June to do all of this testing again. Hopefully, we'll have better results this time!

Back to me---I did go into the doctor, where they did blood work to confirm the positive pregnancy. I had to keep going in every couple of days to make sure that my levels were all rising, like they should have. My doctor, Dr. Baker, was excited, but cautious, as I was never able to get pregnant on my own before. So, we went ahead and told our families on Thanksgiving, that there would be another grand baby. Unfortunately, when I went in for my first ultrasound, it showed that I had an empty sac (a blighted ovum). For whatever reason, I had set my expectations low, and worried that this might be what was going to happen.
My levels were still rising though, so my doctor remained optimistic. He said not to wave the black flag yet, and to come back in 4 days. We'd repeat the ultrasound and go from there. This takes us into December....(I'll start a new blog!)

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