Sunday, August 23, 2009

Working Mommy

My first week back to work really wasn't too bad. In my previous blog, I was worried about missing lots of Addison's "firsts"...I guess I was just having a very emotional day that day or something. I am totally fine now. Addison is doing great at Margaret's house. I think she likes being around all of the kiddos. Margaret always compliments us on what a good baby she is. (We're super lucky!)
Anyways, my first week at work was filled with tons of boxes....literally! My school was totally gutted, leaving only the outside walls. Now, we actually have classrooms! For those of you who are like "What??? She's a teacher without a classroom??" Well, not exactly. Our school used to be "open concept", meaning we didn't have any walls. Now, I have a classroom that I can close a door to and everything! I really like it, but really didn't enjoy opening all of about 70 boxes, trying to figure out where to put everything! Overall, the week was good. On Thursday, we had "Meet the Teacher Night". That made Thursday drag on! I seem to like my students so far, but really missed getting to pick Addie up from Margaret's and spending the evening with her. But, everything else went well.
Tomorrow is my first day with the new fourth graders. I'm hoping it's going to be the start of a great year. Let's hope so anyway! I'll keep everyone updated on my sanity later! :)

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