Sunday, August 30, 2009

What a Week!

It's going to be quite a year! I have 38 kiddos right now at school--18 in the morning, 20 in the afternoon. My morning group is my above grade group, so I teach 5th grade material to them. Unfortunately, it looks like they're not truly above grade kids. They don't know their multiplication facts, which is something they should have learned in 2nd-3rd grade! I think I cand handle that though...My afternoon class is VERY low!!! Most of the kids are very sweet, but truly have no clue when it comes to math! Then, to top it all off, I have three boys in that class who are quite the handful. One is very loving one minute, then the next minute, he's covering his ears screaming "Stop talking to me, I'm not listening to you!!". The next boy just isn't on his medication. When I've talked to the principal about him, she says that in the past, he's hurt people when he's not on his meds. He's choked a boy in the past.
I guess I'll get on my soapbox for a minute....If you child is ADD, ADHD, or has some other medical condition, PUT THEM (AND KEEP THEM) ON MEDICATION. Don't take them off for the summer, don't only give them medication when you want to, don't only give them medicine when they are with you.....Give them medicine!! I know some parents don't want to "drug" their children, which I also understand. However, if it helps their behavior, helps their learning, and keeps them from creating havoc, DO IT!
Anyways, this child has continuously talked over me, he keeps moving his desk away from his partner's desk, he complains that he's going to throw up, just so that he can get out of class, he throws his paper and pencils on the floor...just to name a few. Then, I have a third boy who is very smart, but probably bipolar. He can be wonderful one minute, then a total jerk the next. He was retained in 2nd grade and feels that he doesn't belong in 4th grade, he should be in 5th. So, he doesn't feel that he needs to do any work. He'll just sit there, be the class clown, and not get any work done......GOSH! It's going to be a crazy one! On Friday, I totally yelled at the class, telling them that they were not going to run my classroom. Then, I called a parent, which totally scared a lot of them. Hopefully, things will be a little different this week!!
Luckily, I can decompress on my way to go pick up Addison. Seeing her smiling face, really helps me to relax!!

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  1. Wow what a group! Remember God is on your side and wouldn't give you a group you can't handle. I completely agree with the medication issue. I'm ADD and took meds through out school and still do! Well...not while pregnant LOL I hate when parents think it compromises their child's personality WHATEVER! If your child needed glasses or braces you would do it so why not give them a fair chance to learn and have a good social life?! It isn't fair to the kid when they are left unmediated or to their class mates and teachers!