Thursday, July 9, 2009

It's Been Awhile

Gosh! I haven't blogged in quite some time, so I don't know where to begin! I'll try to remember all that has been going on lately to update everyone.
Let's see....Paul did get his job back, so we've been a lot less stressed! I am home with Addison, and am trying to enjoy every minute of it. Being a mommy is definitely a job in it's own!! I feel like my house is never clean, but now I have an excuse!! I'm busy being a mommy!!
We made our birth announcement for Addison. They really turned out good. The first picture is the one that we used.
We had a nice party at our house for July 4th. Lots of family and some friends came over to swim, eat hamburgers and hotdogs, and watch fireworks. We ended up having to go to our church to watch fireworks, as our neighborhood cancelled them since it's so dry. The fireworks show was really nice. The breeze really set in, so we could actually enjoy ourselves! My mom watched Addison while we went to watch the fireworks. We worried that she wouldn't like them or that it would be too hot. Addison ate really good all day, along with really enjoying our visitors.
Since then, though, Addison was really starting to slow down on the amount of formula she was eating. She has been eating about 3-4 oz. of formula each feeding. Well, starting Sunday, she was only eating 1-1 1/2 oz. This was freaking me out a little, though I tried to chalk it up to the excitement from July 4th. On Tuesday, I called the doctor because this was continuing to happen. The nurse felt that if she was satisfied and not really fussy, she was probably okay. Luckily, the next couple of days, she's started to eat better at most feedings. She's still only eating a few ounces at some times.
Last week, we went to visit Margaret, Addison's babysitter. We wanted to see her house, ask some questions, and introduce her to Addison. Everything went really well. We're really excited about having someone that we know to keep her. (We grew up with Margaret's kids.) She also has a friend, Becky, who helps Margaret out if things get overwhelming. We really liked her too. As we got to talking, Margaret was telling me about some of the other kids that she keeps. Quite a few of them go to the same doctor as Addison!! As a matter of fact, one mommy works at the doctors' office! What a coincidence!! Anyway, many of the kids are on (or were once on) Similac formula. Margaret explained to me that many of them were put on the soy formula for acid reflux, or for other reasons. I wondered if Addison would be put on this.
Well, I'd noticed for the past several days that she was very gassy. Never spitting up, just gassy. I called the doctor. They said since she was so gassy and wasn't eating as much, she might have a silent form of acid reflux. They called it an intolerance to a milk protein. GREAT! That's all I needed!! They wanted to put her on Prevacid and also switch to the soy formula. I was okay with this at first, but thought about it some more. I called Paul at work, crying. I didn't want to put my 5 week old baby on medicine. I also wanted her to like milk, not soy milk!! (Yes, I'm a Nervous Nelly mommy!)
He suggested that we just try the next step of formula, which is called Similac Sensitive. It's for fussiness and gas. Sooo...we bought this. She's been doing really well. She's also back to eating really well. I'm so happy.
We were leaving to go to New Braunfels, so I wanted to make sure she was going to do well while we were out of town.
Okay, this seems like a pretty boring blog. Guess I'll close up for now.

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